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getting connected to your family church activities has got to be a must for anyone who is looking for fellowship and belonging

it has been said 'communicate, communicate and communicate some more' we communicate with God through prayer. Every Monday evening at 7pm the prayer connect team meets to communicate with the One that answers prayers, the Lord Jesus Christ

have you a prayer need? why don't you send us a message get contact and we will include your personal prayer request with the prayer connect team

want to connect more, please feel free to contact the prayer connect coordinator Gladys Bedggood 027 5024555

every sunday morning at 10am for 1 hour. our children programe is fun, games and interactive. the children will learn bible stories, bible memory verses and be encouraged to take part in songs, skits and art and craft.

Our children connect team can also arrange pick-up and drop-of for your children, just give us a call and we'll see if we can help here

Praying Handshave a question about children connect? why don't you send us a message get contact and we will get back to you. Want to connect  more, please contact Yvonne Kaiawe 027 502-4333

At the YPC groups, we aim to close the gap a little on general parenting and advice for young parents.  We have very informal meetings on a monthly basis with the mums and children - dads are welcome too.

Topics include tips on teething & colic to learning how to cook healthy quick meals and budgeting skills. We also have art /craft meetings which certainly brings out our creative side.

The 2011 schedule includes a session on positive parenting, how to turn negatives in to positives, building self esteem & confidence,making photo blocks on canvas, coping with tantrums, buying clothes on a tight budget and much more

have a question about 'young parents connect'? why don't you send us a message get contact and we will get back to you, or you could connect with our 'young parent connect' coordinator Karen Sumner 027 2275301

We warmly invite you to our meetings and welcome your suggestions

we are also on FB check the following link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=1068994706#!/group.php?gid=118911381495713